ASCI Laos Online Entrance Ceremony Fall 2023

An online entrance ceremony for two newly enrolled students of the Lao Satellite Campus was held on October 5, 2023.
Dr. Shinsuke Tomita moderated this ceremony, while ASCI Director Akira Yamauchi gave opening remarks. In addition, President Sugiyama welcomed the new students. The distinguished guest Mr. Thevarack Phonekeo of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment congratulated them on their successful entrance to Nagoya University.
Dean Satoshi Yokoyama of Graduate School of Environmental Studies emphasized the importance of conducting research for the future of Lao PDR.
The new students, Mr. Khonekeo Kingkhambang and Ms. Khamphone Soulivong expressed their strong determination to commit to the PhD Program.
Dr. Khamphou Phuyyavong, who graduated from the program in 2020, provided advice and tips to the new entrants on how to succeed based on his experience.
Dr. Lanvanh Vongkhamsane of the Ministry of Education and Sports in Laos explained his expectations to the Nagoya University, while Dr. Silinthone Sacklokham of the same ministry also offered words of encouragement.
Finally, Vice Chancellor Norimi Mizutani delivered a closing address, and the event concluded after a group photo.