About the Local Satellite Campus

In October 2015, Nagoya University ASCI opened the Uzbekistan Satellite Campus within Nagoya University Uzbekistan Office. In April 2016, the Uzbekistan Satellite Office was delighted to welcome its first Transnational Doctoral Program student through the Nagoya University Graduate School of Law. The office is an integral part of the Transnational Doctoral Programs for Leading Professionals in Asian Countries, which is delivered through the Asian Satellite Campuses Institute (ASCI) in collaboration with two graduate schools within Nagoya University. The program primarily targets professionals in government positions across Asian countries who have already completed a master’s degree and wish to earn a doctoral degree. The program is unique in that it provides enrolled students an opportunity to work towards a doctoral degree while continuing to work in their home country. This is made possible through the extensive use of video conference facilities and intensive schooling sessions both in Uzbekistan and in Japan. Ongoing research and writing support is also an integral feature of this program. Uzbekistan Satellite Campus staff work closely with the ASCI office and the two graduate schools at Nagoya University to offer research and administrative support to enrolled students as well as assist prospective students during the application period.

Available Research Fields

The doctoral programs currently offered through the Uzbekistan Satellite Campus are in the fields of law and medicine.
  • 教育
  • 法学
  • 医学

Current Activities

In April 2016, the first doctoral student Mr. Sardor Alimdjanov, entered to the Graduate School of Law. Sardor is currently working as regional coordinator for the joint EU - Republic of Uzbekistan program "Sustainable Development in Rural Areas of Uzbekistan". For his doctorate degree, Sardor is conducting research into the implementation of decentralization policy in Uzbekistan, with a particular focus on local government institutions and the role of community based organizations (Makhalla). Sardor is under the supervision of Prof. Fusao Ushiro, and is receiving ongoing research support from a dedicated team of academic staff via video conference. It is expected that over the duration of his doctoral candidature, Sardor will make a number of visits to Japan to meet directly with his supervisor and gather research materials.


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