About the Graduate School of Education and Human Development Transnational Doctoral Program

The Graduate School of Education and Human Development (GSEHD) was first established in 1953 as the Graduate School of Education, which was then restructured and renamed into its current state in 2000. Our aim has been to provide high quality education for both undergraduate and graduate levels, producing graduates who excel in their fields with leading research in both domestic and international arenas of the education and psychology disciplines. The GSEHD has the basic objective of intensifying and diversifying graduate education, the advancing leading research, and contributing to the local and professional communities. In the pursuit of these goals, the GSEHD has been active in initiating wide-scale overseas projects, such as lesson studies, psychological support, and development of leadership. Through our well-established mutual alliances, the Transnational Doctoral Program for Leading Professionals in Asian Countries provides national leaders in the field of education and psychology with the opportunity to enhance their research skills and competencies, such as to enable them to further their leadership in developing policy and practice for betterment of the lives and welfare of the citizens of their respective country.

Available Countries

  • Mongolia
  • Uzbekistan

Admissions Requirements

For further information, please access the following link: