International Development

About the Graduate School of International Development Transnational Doctoral Program

The Transnational Doctoral Program for Leading Professionals in Asian Countries offers doctoral degrees to government executives and other development professionals of Asian countries who already possess a master’s degree and wish to continue their studies, by providing a hybrid educational program that connects Nagoya University Asian Satellite Campuses with Nagoya University’s campus in Japan, enabling students to continue in their current posts while deepening their knowledge and experience in the fields of international development and international cooperation.

Available Countries

  • Cambodia
  • Philippines

Admissions Requirements

(1) Persons who meet all of the following conditions:
    1. Persons who are currently employed (excluding those currently on leave) at a government or core national institution involved in policy making, or at an organization which conducts international development or cooperation-focused activities, with three or more years of work experience in total in such an institution or organization.
    2. Persons who possess a letter of recommendation from their employer or director of an affiliated institution or organization.
    3. Persons who have been awarded a master’s degree or professional degree by a Nagoya University graduate school or a graduate school of another university.
    4. Persons who have completed a master’s thesis or an equivalent research paper either in English or in Japanese.
(2) Health: Persons whose health will pose no impediment to their university studies.

Degree Offered

The Graduate School of International Development offers programs in the following fields and the degree to be offered will be Ph.D. in international development. 
International development / International cooperation studies

Visit link below for the details of the field of study:

Graduation Requirements

Program Duration / Degrees

In principle, the duration of the program is three years. Those who obtain the necessary credits and pass the dissertation examination will be granted a Ph.D. in international development.
Lectures, practice and other guidance will be conducted in English.


The Faculty members are highly specialized and respected academics in various fields of international development and international cooperation.

List of Faculty Members of GSID:

How to apply

Call for applications will be posted in the “Special News” section of the top page of the Graduate School of International Development, Nagoya University. 

You can visit the site from the link below:


Educational Affairs Division for the Schools of Humanities and Social Sciences (GSID administrative office)
Integrated Research Building, Nagoya University
*When you send an email, please state “Inquiry about Asian Satellite Campuses” in the subject line of your email.