Justice Bayarmaa Nyamdoo Delivers Public Lecture in Mongolia on her Dissertation

Former ASCI student, Justice Bayarmaa Nyamdoo, has delivered a public lecture on her dissertation topic “Development of Real Property Law in Mongolia: Toward a Unified Foundation” which was translated in Mongolian and published. 

The lecture, which was held at the National Legal Institute of Mongolia on April 21, 2023, was attended by current justices of the Supreme Court of Mongolia, and the Constitutional Court of Mongolia, as well as law professors and scholars. Before her presentation, she extended her gratitude to her academic supervisor Professor Frank Bennett and all ASCI staff members for their support and proceeded with a brief introduction of her dissertation focusing on land rights and land reform in Mongolia. 

Justice Bayarmaa Nyamdoo was a doctoral student at the Mongolia Satellite Campus and successfully defended her doctoral dissertation at the Graduate School of Law, Nagoya University in 2022. She presently is a Justice of the Civil Law Chamber of the Supreme Court of Mongolia.