Visitors from Mongolia Satellite Campus

Dr. Gangabaatar Dashbalbar, Dr. Tsogt Tsend and Dr. Bayarmaa Nyamdoo visited the Nagoya University (NU) Asian Satellite Campuses Institute (ASCI) headquarter office on February 16, 2024. Dr. Gangabaatar Dashbalbar is managing the NU-ASCI office in Mongolia with Ms. Todrol Erdenesan while working in the Constitutional Court as a Judge. Dr. Tsogot and Dr. Bayarmaa are Justice of the Supreme Court. Both of them are Alumni of NU and obtained PhD in the Graduate School of Law.

They visited NU to attend and present papers in a seminar organized by the Graduate School of Law as a part of the 2nd stage project of ASCI, which is collaborative joint projects/program between the graduate of NU and its faculty members.

They enjoyed talking with staffs of ASCI about various topics such as the papers presentation and discussion in that seminar, works, lives and cultures of Mongolia in comparison with Japan and other countries, and possible gathering of ASCI Alumni in the future.

From the left, Dr. Gangabaatar Dashbalbar, Dr. Tsogt Tsend and Dr. Bayarmaa Nyamdoo, Director Akira Yamauchi