Discover Nagoya City in the OKB Exchange Program

On April 5th, two graduate students from the School of Bioagricultural Sciences, Mr. Kong Kea from Cambodia and Mr. Dennis Morgia Gilbero from the Philippines, took part in the OKB (Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank) Exchange Program. This time, the program started from the Center of Nagoya City. In view of Mr. Kong Kea’s area of research, they visited the Koei Chemical Industrial Company Limited, which specializes in manufacturing chemical fertilizers. Mr. Keitaro Kawamura, President and Representative Director, and Mr. Naoki Kawamura, Executive Director, provided an in-depth explanation with research data about their products in answer to questions from the students such as “Is there any specific combination of active ingredients for specific crops?” and “what is the best combination of ingredients for high yield rice production?” etc. Also, the students introduced “upland rice cultivation,” a method of rice farming utilized in the students’ home countries that heavily depends on rainfall.

              At Koei Chemical Industrial Co. Ltd.

The students then travelled to the west side of Nagoya City and visited the Shirotori History Hall. They had an opportunity to view exhibits concerning historical Japanese lumber transport practices, including exhibits showing the manual transport of lumber on the Kiso river, without the support of machinery. The students learned that the site of Shirotori Park used to be a log water storage site from the Edo era (1610) until 1960s.


For Mr. Dennis Morgia Gilbero, a researcher in the field of timber resources, OKB selected the Nagoya Lumber Company Limited, located in Tobishima Village, to visit. Mr. Yuji Tsunekawa, Mr. Shinji Kurihara, and Mr. Hiroshi Takeda of the company welcomed the students and explained about their business. The students learned about and observed the latest technologies adapted by the company in the processing of wood into valued added material.

    Playing with a wooden gold club                Machine to produce compressed wood         At the warehouse of Nagoya Lumber CO. Ltd.