Judge Tsend Tsogt, the first graduate of the Asian Satellite Campuses Institute, appointed to the Supreme Court Justice of Mongolia

The President of Mongolia appointed Tsend Tsogt, a Judge on the Administrative Court of Appeal of Mongolia, to serve on the country’s Supreme Court on December 15, 2020. He is the first graduate of the Transnational Doctoral Program for Leading Professionals in Asian Countries at the Asian Satellite Campuses Institute, Nagoya University. He was admitted to the doctoral program at the Asian Satellite Campuses Institute (ASCI) in October 2014 and was awarded his LL.D degree in comparative law from the Graduate School of Law, Nagoya University in 2017, having written his doctoral dissertation under the supervision of Professor Ichihashi Katsuya.
Tsend Tsogt built a celebrated judicial career since 2004 when he was appointed as a judge at the newly established Administrative Court of Mongolia. He worked for the Administrative Court and Administrative Court of Appeals of Mongolia for the last sixteen years and has also been teaching at the National University of Mongolia since 2002. Having served as the Chief Judge of the Administrative Court of Appeals of Mongolia, he is one of the pioneers in the development of administrative litigation and judicial review in Mongolia. He has been actively involved in many professional activities as a member of the Judicial General Council of Mongolia (2004-2006), Board member of the Mongolian Judges’ Association (2009-2017), the Head of the Judges’ committee (2013-2016), and the Head of the Administrative Law Committee of the Mongolian Lawyers’ Association (2017-2019). He launched the very first database providing free-of-charge access to administrative judicial decisions, which eventually led to the establishment of an open-access database of all judicial decisions in Mongolia. He established the first online research database in Mongolia and has published extensively books and articles on various issues of administrative law.
ASCI has been established as a core component of Nagoya University’s international outreach initiatives and has been coordinating the delivery of the Transnational Doctoral Programs for Leading Professionals in Asian Countries. It currently has satellite campuses in Mongolia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, the Philippines, and Laos.

♦♦A message from the supervisor, Dr. Katsuya Ichihashi♦♦
I am very pleased to hear the amazing news that Mr. Tsogt Tsend has been appointed as Supreme Court Justice of Mongolia. Because, while he was attending at the program of the Asian Satellite Campuses Institute, I had a hard time with him as a supervisor. At that time, I remember like yesterday, he was struggling to find research time to write a dissertation while engaging in the hard work of being a judge of the Ulaanbaatar City Administrative Court of Appeals. After earning the PhD in 2017 and returning home, he contributed to the development of Mongolian administrative law as a judge in the administrative court and as a teacher at the National University of Mongolia. And this is his appointment as a Justice of the Supreme Court. It is a heavy responsibility, but my expectations are higher that this work must be a great opportunity for him to develop the theory and practice of Mongolian administrative law in a unified manner.