Mongolia Satellite Campus held 2021 entrance ceremony for new doctoral students

On Monday, October 11, 2021, Mongolia Satellite Campus held an entrance ceremony for new doctoral students, who entered the Asian Satellite Campuses Institute in the fall semester of 2021. The Mongolia Satellite Campus hosted the entrance ceremony in a hybrid format combining both in-person and virtual settings. Mongolian participants gathered in-person for the ceremony in accordance with social distancing guidelines while Japanese participants took part in the event online.
At the ceremony, which began at 15 p.m. Ulaanbaatar time in a solemn atmosphere, four new doctoral students were admitted to the Asian Satellite Campuses Institute. Mr. Damba Gankhurel, who is a lecturer at the School of Law, National University of Mongolia, was admitted to the Graduate School of Law while Ms. Dashzeveg Dulamsuren, who is a specialist at Shine Mongol School, was admitted to the Graduate School of Education and Human Development. The two other students, Mr. Serdyanjiv Narangerel and Ms. Otgonbayar Munkhdulam, both work for the Institute of Geography and Geoecology of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences and were admitted to the Graduate School of Environmental Studies. At the ceremony, the students expressed their gratitude for being enrolled at Nagoya University and their determination to strive to conduct research of high quality.
Mr. Nyam-Ochir Tumur-Ochir, the State Secretary of the Ministry of Education and Sciences of Mongolia, Mr. Kikuma Shigeru, Chargés d'Affaires, Embassy of Japan in Mongolia both congratulated the new students who are enrolled this year for the first time.  State Secretary Nyam-Ochir Tumur-Ochir highlighted the successful academic cooperation between Nagoya University and the national universities in Mongolia and expressed the commitment of the Ministry of Education and Sciences of Mongolia to support educational activities of Nagoya University in Mongolia, especially the Transnational doctoral program for leading professionals in Asian countries.
President Matsuo Seiichi opened the ceremony and offered his heartfelt congratulations to the new students while Director Yamauchi Akira, and the Deans of the graduate schools all expressed warm congratulatory wishes on their admission.